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Aaron R. Pike, Esq. founded A. R. Pike Law Firm after serving in the United States Air Force JAG Corps as the Chief of Civil Law. His Lynchburg law firm is founded on integrity, reliability, and efficiency - values that led military leaders to rely on his legal expertise to make decisions worth millions of dollars and effecting thousands of personnel.

     Today, A. R. Pike Law Firm brings the same expertise to each client we serve. We resolve client legal issues in Lynchburg, Virginia, and the surrounding areas in real estate law, civil litigation, landlord-tenant law,  contract law, collections, criminal defense, and other practice areas. We deliver exceptional results whether our clients needs legal documents or zealous representation in the courtroom. Put A. R. Pike Law Firm on your side.

A. R. Pike Law Firm

A Lynchburg Real Estate, Litigation, and General Practice Law Firm

Legal issues can arrise when you least expect them. Whether you need a legal document, like a deed or a contract, or are enforcing or defending your legal interests in court, we can help. Schedule a consultation with our real estate attorney to discuss solutions to your cloud on title, easement, boundary dispute, or home purchase or sale. If you need a legal advocate on your side, our experienced litigation attorney can explain the law and legal remedies available in court. 


“I had a case where my job was at jeopardy and I was dealing with special life changing events...  The time working with him I can see his passionate about what he does... I am forever grateful for his assistance and his expertise."

Stephanie, Former Client

“Aaron Pike is was responsive, extremely knowledgeable, patient, and dedicated... I am positive the work he put into defending my case and best interests, was reasonably over double that of the fee he collected....."

Charlotte, Former Client

"Mr. Pike has a phenomenal understanding of the law, we have used him for both business contracts and real estate closings. He is insightful and always willing to offer his insights. His staff is professional and timely. I will certainly be using him again."

Josh, Former Client

Practice Areas

Our Practice Areas

How We Can Help You


We understand that in business and life, disputes are inevitable. They may arise over the terms of a contract or lease, a business deal, an injury, and in many other ways. When those disputes cannot be resolved, litigation may be your only option. If you are in that position, you need a zealous legal advocate to ensure you get the best result possible. Our experienced litigator is ready to fight for you in:

  • Landlord-tenant

  • Rights to land and easements

  • Contract disputes

  • Billing and collection

  • Accidents and injuries


Real Estate

Buying and selling real estate involves complex legal documents, laws, and processes. Navigating the process can be difficult and one wrong move may put you at a disadvantage. Hire our experienced real estate attorney to advise you during the process so you consider the important factors beforing signing a contract, enter a contract that benefits you, and purchase or sell real estate in the best way possible.


Our title and settlement company, Pike Title, delivers exceptional attorney-directed title, settlement, escrow and home closing services.

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An Experienced Attorney Will Discuss Your Case

Call A. R. Pike Law Firm to schedule a time to come to our office and sit down with an experienced attorney who will discuss your case and advise you on the next steps.


Attorney Aaron R. Pike is dedicated to providing exceptional service to each of his clients. That dedication to service began in his professional life after he graduated from the University of Virginia. Attorney Pike spent two years working with the US military in Kuwait, guiding men and women through Kuwait legal processes. After his tour, he returned home to Lynchburg, Virginia, received a law degree from Liberty University School of Law, then joined the United States Air Force JAG Corps as one of less than 3% of accepted applicants to serve as an officer-attorney.

In the Air Force, Attorney Pike distinguished himself as an accomplished legal adviser and litigator and was elevated to the position of Chief of Civil Law for Air Force bases around the globe. He led teams of attorneys and paralegals to resolve a wide range of legal issues worth millions of dollars and effecting tens of thousands of military personnel.


After serving, Attorney Pike founded the A. R. Pike Law Firm and continues to offer the same level of expertise and dedication to each of his clients.  

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