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For property owners throughout Lynchburg, eminent domain proceedings allow the government and any authorized companies to take away their private property in order to convert it for public use. People have been devastated to find out that even when their home or property is not up for sale, it can be purchased at values far below its worth without their consent. We can help you fight a sale or get a fair price. Call the Lynchburg eminent domain lawyer at A. R. Pike Law Firm for help with these kinds of issues. We can help you understand the laws and how you can use them to obtain the best possible outcome for your situation.

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Why Is My Property Being Taken Away?

There are many different reasons for why a government can enforce eminent domain as a way to deprive you of your property. When you oppose their offer for your property, the proceedings move toward what is called condemnation. Here, the government will argue the price you will be paid for your property. An experienced real estate attorney can help you ensure you are being treated fairly throughout these proceedings.

You may be subject to eminent domain for projects such as:

  • Pipelines
  • Public schools
  • Roadways
  • Parks or recreation centers
  • Military bases

How A. R. Pike Law Firm Can Help

The unfortunate truth is that you will not be able to stop eminent domain proceedings from affecting you and your property. What you can do, however, is fight for the best possible outcome. If the purchasing entity offers you a price far below market value that fails to take other costs into consideration (relocation expenses, loss of enjoyment, business interruption, etc.), A. R. Pike Law Firm can help you build a case for why you deserve better.

During our initial consultation, we can discuss your situation in depth to give you a clear picture of your rights and what it will take for you to make it out of your eminent domain proceedings in a favorable position. These are stressful legal challenges, and without the right legal representation on your side, you could suffer major losses that may never be recouped.

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