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Is a person who has been using your property trying to stake claim over it? Although it might seem unfair, Virginia's adverse possession law may allow the trespasser to gain a legal title to the portion of land they were on. If you're in a dispute with someone regarding who is entitled to legal rights of your property, it's best to have a skilled lawyer on your side fighting to protect the land you have ownership of.

At A. R. Pike Law Firm, our adverse possession attorney has the knowledge and skills necessary to fight claims someone has made concerning your lawful property. Backed by extensive legal experience, including time spent as a United States Air Force JAG officer, we have the discipline and dedication to review every detail of your circumstances and thoroughly prepare for your case. Our team understands the frustrations and headaches of a trespasser trying to obtain rights to your property, which is why we take the time to listen to your side of the story, inform you of your legal options, and build a solid legal strategy on your behalf.

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What Is Virginia's Adverse Possession Law?

Broadly speaking, adverse possession occurs when someone has used another person's property for a specific period of time and is now claiming rights to it. This legal doctrine has deep roots in history, and it was supposed to enhance the fairness of property divisions and allow people who had been using a forgotten or neglected piece of land to retain ownership of it.

In Virginia, the adverse possession doctrine is still prevalent. Under the law, if a person has been using a piece of someone else's property for 15 years, they may bring action to recover the title for that land.

If someone else has made a claim for a piece of your land or you are seeking to eject a trespasser claiming ownership of your property in Lynchburg, contact A. R. Pike Law Firm as soon as possible. Defending your legal rights requires a thorough examination of the division of property lines, as well as your specific circumstances.

What Must the Trespasser Prove?

When courts are determining whether or not to grant legal ownership to a person trespassing on someone else's property, they may consider various factors.

Typically, in an adverse possession case, the following elements must be apparent:

  • Hostile: This means that the property was taken from the owner without permission.
  • Actual: A trespasser is in actual possession of a property if they are physically present on it and are using it for some purpose.
  • Open and notorious: This element requires that the trespasser was using the land in an obvious way, meaning that they were not hiding what they were doing.
  • Exclusive and continuous: This means that the trespasser used the land for their own purposes (did not share it with others) for a specific amount of time. Again, in Virginia, a trespasser can make an adverse possession claim after 15 years of being on the property.

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