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Few things are more frustrating than spending thousands of dollars on insurance premiums each month only to have a claim denied when you need the coverage. While bad faith insurance claim denials are unlawful, fighting to enforce them can be extremely expensive and time-consuming, and doing so usually means spending less time on other, more important activities. Let the Lynchburg insurance dispute lawyer at A. R. Pike Law Firm help you fight for the settlement you deserve.

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When Your Coverage Falls Through

Insurance companies have a duty to their clients. While they may be in business to make money, they are required by law to pay out settlements when conditions call for it. Unfortunately, there are far too many horror stories about these companies shirking their duties when people are in real trouble. A. R. Pike Law Firm understands insurance law, and we are committed to helping our clients hold insurers accountable.

Our firm handles insurance disputes such as:

  • Injuries you sustained in an auto collision
  • Workplace injuries not covered by Workers’ Comp
  • Excessive delays to grant coverage
  • Questions of liability
  • Insufficient coverage

Having handled hundreds of these kinds of cases both in negotiation and through litigation, A. R. Pike Law Firm understands the tactics these companies use to avoid paying a fair settlement to those who need them. We are not intimidated by their sizable legal teams and deep pockets. Let us fight for you.

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Once you meet with our team, we will discuss exactly what happened in your situation. A good idea is to keep records of all your interactions with insurance companies. In cases of delayed coverage, you may be able to secure punitive damages if they over-promised and under-delivered. Our firm can give you a clear picture of your available options so you can make a strong case for your interests.

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Attorney Aaron R. Pike has helped his clients to organize their legal strategies and build effective defenses by taking the time to understand their cases and help them tell their side of the story. Since his service in the USAF, Mr. Pike has devoted his legal practice to helping people with a variety of legal matters.