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Virginia Restoration of Gun Rights

Anyone convicted of a felony automatically loses his right to possess a firearm. Unless action is taken, a convicted felon may never regain those rights. This unfairly punishes responsible citizens who committed nonviolent offenses, or who were convicted many years ago and have served their sentences.

Virginia Code ยง 18.2-308.2 provides a path for those convicted of a felony to regain their right own a firearm. You may be eligible to have your 2nd Amendment rights restored by working with a dependable Lynchburg gun rights restoration lawyer. Call A. R. Pike Law Firm today and schedule your initial consultation.

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Can a Convicted Felon Get their Gun Rights Back?

Under Virginia and federal law, felons lose their rights to possess and own firearms forever - they will not be automatically restored - unless two things occur: (1) they have their gun rights restored under Virginia and federal law, and (2) they file a successful petition.

How do I get my Gun Rights Restored After a Felony in Virginia?

Virginia State Police lay out several ways a felon may have gun rights restored

For Virginia felony convictions:

  1. The Governor grants a pardon
  2. The Governor restores political rights and the Circuit Court grants permission to own and possess a firearm without restriction
  3. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) removes political disabilities and the Circuit Court grants permission to own and possess a firearm without restriction
  4. Political disabilities are removed pursuant to Article V, Section 12 of the Constitution of Virginia and the order removing the political disabilities does not restrict firearm rights

For non-Virginia felony convictions:

  1. For federal felony convictions, only ATF may remove firearm disabilities
  2. For other state felony convictions, that state's Governor or court must restore firearm rights

Trusted Gun Rights Restoration Lawyers

The methods for restoring gun rights can become extremely complicated, involving both state and federal agencies to process your case and issue pardons. With the help of our team, you will be able to rest easy knowing your petition for a restoration of your gun rights is in good hands. As a former JAG Corps officer-attorney, Attorney Aaron R. Pike offers extensive experience to help each client communicate with the right agencies and effectively tell their side of the story.

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