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Case Results

  • Charge Dismissed
    Assault and Battery
    Client was charged with punching and scratching her boyfriend while the two were fighting in a car. We uncovered problems and inconsistencies in the boyfriend's allegation that undercut the evidence against our client.
  • Case Dismissed
    Assault and Battery against Family Member
    Client was charged with pushing and hitting her mother at her mother's house. We uncovered problems and inconsistencies in the evidence that led the Commonwealth's case against our client to fall apart.
  • Case Dismissed
    Business Dispute

    Client had a business dispute with a former employer. The employer sued our client for running a private business at the same time he was an employee. There was no employment contract, but the employer alleged our client breached a common law duty of loyalty. The employer had deep pockets and brought their best case against our client. We won three demurrers and each time the former employer brought their lawsuit back. After we won the third demurrer, the case was dismissed with prejudice, winning the case for our client.

  • Case Won
    Car Accident Injury

    Client was injured in a car accident when another driver crashed into the side of his vehicle. The insurance company refused to offer fair compensation for our client’s injuries, barely covering the cost of his emergency room visit. We used our knowledge of insurance company tactics and the legal process to sue the other driver. The case went to trial and we won, getting much more for our client than the insurance company offered him.

  • Sentence Reduced
    Distribution of a Schedule I Controlled Substance
    Client was charged with four counts of distributing cocaine, each a third or subsequent offense that was recorded. Client admitted to the offenses before we were retained. We successfully brokered a plea arrangement that resulted in less than three years of time served instead of the 40+ year sentence he was facing.
  • Charges Dropped
    Felonies and Misdemeanors

    Client charged with several felonies and misdemeanors ranging from possession of a schedule II substance to felon in possession of a firearm—over 22 years of possible prison time. Our attorney used the facts and law to successfully persuade the prosecutor to drop most charges. Client released with time-served, just in time for the holidays.