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Does It Matter Who I Choose As My Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Yes! A criminal defense lawyer is only as good as the time he/she is able and willing to put into your case. Natural ability, experience, and past success mean nothing if the criminal attorney is too busy to learn about your case and look into all possible defenses. Our disciplined approach to your criminal defense issue means we spend the time we need to fully understand your case. It starts with your conversation with our experienced attorney, where he learns about your case by asking the right questions. After that, we often do our own investigation to find all the facts and evidence the police and prosecutor missed. That might be an important witness, surveillance video, hospital records, or something else. Our criminal defense attorney has the skill and the time to find the best outcome for your case.

Even in cases with strong evidence of guilt, having the right attorney matters. Some clients see all of the evidence the police have against them and lose hope. They are sure that a judge will find them guilty and send them to jail no matter who represents them. However, the Constitution of the United States guarantees every citizen important civil rights. Many of these rights protect you from police and prosecutor misconduct. Sometimes, when those rights are violated, evidence cannot be used against you. When we learn about your case, we investigate possible violations of your Fourth Amendment right to privacy, your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent or right to an attorney, and many other rights. We explore every legal defense to make sure illegal evidence cannot be used against you.